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Thank you for registering with ShowStopperz Dance Team. There is a one time non refundable $78.00 registration fee upon registering your child(ren). 


We have three divisions broken up by age. Our tiny toys are ages 4-5.  Minis are ages 6-9  juniors are ages 10-13 and seniors are ages 14-17.

Our dance team meets twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

Registering your child(ren) with ShowStopperz Dance Studio, you are agreeing to the policy and procedures.

*Notice to leave - A notice of leave can not be given in the middle of a season. Notice of leave can be given at the beginning or end of season. At that time you must give a written 30 day notice. There may not be a balance left on the account.

Listed below is the season schedule:

Winter Season - Dec/Jan/Feb

Spring Season - Mar/Apr/May

Summer Season - Jun/July/Aug

Fall Season - Sep/Oct/Nov


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